Crossing The Oceans.

Crossing the Oceans is a compilation of old amateur film of passenger liners. The earliest footage dates from the 1930’s but most of it is taken during the 50’s and 60’s – showing ships on routes to Australia and the Far East as well as cruising in the Mediterranean and other places. Most of it is in colour although there are a few scenes in black and white.

Part One

Part 1, Running Time 69 minutes.
P&O, Maloja, Carthage, Canton, Strathnaver, Strathmore, Stratheden, Chusan, Himalaya, Arcadia, Iberia, Canberra & Chitral.
Orient Line, Otranto, Orontes, Orion, Orcades, Oronsay, Orsova, Oriana,
British India Line, Nevasa & Uganda.
New Zealand Shipping Company, Rangitata & Ruahine.

Part Two

Part 2, Running Time 63 minutes.

Cunard, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Mauretania, Caronia, Saxonia, Franconia, Queen Elizabeth 2
Canadian Pacific, Empress of Britain, Empress of Canada
Royal Mail, Andes, Arlanza.
US Lines, United States, President Wilson, Independence
Shaw Savill, Akaroa, Arawa, Aranda, Northern Star, Southern Cross, Ceramic, Dominion Monarch, Ocean Monarch
Union Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Arundel Castle, Stirling Castle, Capetown Castle, Pendennis Castle, Pretoria Castle, Transvaal Castle, Kenya Castle, Reina del Mar
Troopships, Empire Orwell, Empire Halladale, Empire Fowey, Devonshire, Oxfordshire, Nevasa

Part Three

Part 3, Running Time 54 minutes.
Italy, Eugenio C, Federico C, Enrico C, Flavia, Cristoforo Colombo,Conte Biancamano, Giulio Cesare, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Fairsea, Fairsky, Fairstar, Fairwind, Galileo Galilei, Neptunia, Caribia
Greece, Australis, Ellinis, Queen Frederica, Regina, Atlantica, Queen Anna Maria
France, France, Pacifique
Portugal, Angola, Infante dom Henrique, Santa Maria
Netherlands, Nieuw Amsterdam, Waterman, Ruys, Oranje
Germany, Hanseatic, Hamburg, Volkerfreundschaft
Norway, Bergensfjord, Sagafjord
Sweden, Gripsholm, Kungsholm, Stella Polaris
UK, Patonga, Perim, King Henry, Monarch of Bermuda, Western Prince, Manchester Trader, Manchester Spinner, Brazil Star, Pyrrus, Gorgon, Camito & Golfito.

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